a quest for meaning – what it meant for me

This documentary reminded me of the vision I had when I started this blog, of the message I also wanted to convey regarding our relationship to the environment, and how we can manage it.

It’s why I called it “adaptability” and chose a tagline that is a quote from Gandhi. We’re currently living a transition, shifting from what we believed in and what we want to change now in our modern society.

This tipping point is fundamental because it would show what our future will look like, and if humanity can have a bright evolution or plunge back into war and depression. This movie is the message a lot of people are trying to convey, including me. The writers took on a tremendous adventure and gave us the best of it, with a beautiful conclusion: a choice.

This is also what I’m trying to do here; we are always given a choice, and it is only up to us to change what we want to change. We cannot linger and entitle our lives to governments or big corporations. Change comes with inner change first, and I was glad to see they pinpointed this idea all along their interviews with actors of change. They didn’t center the documentary on how they achieved their goals but rather on how they changed their perception in order to achieve them.

As I read it somewhere, we’re always one decision away of changing our whole lives: our courses of action, our beliefs, our system, our habits, our way of living. It all comes down to one tiny decision, just one. And the rest will follow.

What scares us all, despite wanting to change, is we don’t know how to handle the courses of change. That’s why I wanted to write a blog where I can share experiences I find to inspire others to do so or to give strength to take action. I’m part of this too. Researching and writing gives me thoughts and helps me change efficiently my habits.

Another strong point of this movie: we never fall in a “new agey” speech or feel. We listen to devoted and sincere human beings bearing a fight or living inspiring different lifestyles. Also, major figures like Vandana Shiva or Pierre Rabhi answer to the authors of the documentary.

This movie not only brought a fresh perspective, it swept away the frills and prejudices one can create around environmentalism, showing that, with some will and communication, one can embrace and enjoy the perks of being an actor of change too.


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