alive, and not well…

*Warning: in this post, there are shared videos with shocking contents.*

Hello there!

I posted about meat before, now I’d like to talk about a particular meal like this one in Japan, where some restaurants cut fish or frog alive, and clients eat them… well alive too.

I love this country and can’t wait to visit again, but this is a very cruel way to consume animals. Of course, this is not related to the way all Japanese people treat animals. In every country you have people respecting and caring for animals, along with people despising and being cruel to them.

Humans everywhere are cruel to animals in many ways when it comes to eating them (or not), whether it’s factory-farming (this includes dairy products), the making of foie gras, claw cranes with living lobsters or live crab vending machines.

Being informed about what you’re eating and what’s happening around you is a good start to raise awareness and stop animal cruelty. Check out this link about 7 animals eaten alive by humans.

Know in nature that predators usually kill instantly their preys to avoid suffering. Only a few species eat or play with their living food, like hyenas or domestic cats. Remember how we were educated: not to play with our food, but to be grateful. Many cultures thank the animals for their sacrifice, like the Native Americans.

By the way, Japanese people have a nice expression before eating: they say Itadakimasu! that can be roughly translated as a sort of Bon appétit!. But the origin of this expression comes from the Buddhist culture and its principle of respecting all living things. Saying Itadakimasu! before a meal is a way of being grateful to the plants and animals giving their life to allow you to live. Let’s not forget it’s also a thanks to the farmers and cooks providing the meals.

If you wanna consume animals, do so with respect, know where your food comes from and how it was made. Mostly, try to buy organic food from local farmers, not only you help them live in a decent way, but you also know your food is healthier.

You can raise awareness around you, and stop supporting cruelty simply by not consuming from companies or restaurants disrespectful to animals.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

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