green transition


Hello there! (^^)/

Long time no see.

In this post, I wanted to resume a little bit what this blog is truly about.

We’re living in a period of transition, where we have to make a choice, either socially or economically. If we dig a little bit, all the problems we face are always connected to the environment. The examples are numerous.

There are wonderful people who are really thinking and making the best to propose meaningful solutions to take action for a cleaner environment, while resolving social or economy situations.

What I was thinking about when creating this blog, is to share these works, and also to propose the solutions I came up with too. They’re all easy to do, simple daily actions that can change our whole system for the best if we are all part of it. Everyone has something to share.

Solutions that don’t demand such huge sacrifices. People often blame ecologists for that, which is sad because no one means no harm in giving suggestions.

The thing is, don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do to start doing something. Take hints, search for inspiration, engage conversations. But the best to do is to really think about this whole system we live in.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein

Steps mankind can take to save the environment.

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