monsanto, crops and farmers

Cornfield Series - Summer Field by julie greenwood

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I just read this well-written article about the recent Monsanto Protection Act, it pretty much sums up everything you need to know. I just had a comment about it, it will be the subject of this post.

“Of course this is a very complicated issue because millions of people are dependent on GM crops to survive, but as an individual with purchasing power, how you spend your money will dictate where the market will start to lean.”

Sadly enough, the agricultural business has lead us to think we rely on GM crops and chemicals to provide enough food for everyone. This isn’t true, at all. From the various solutions, I maintain two main ones:

  • Few are aware that a high percentage of the food farmers grow is thrown away. Exactly. From crops to supermarkets. Even in our homes. In our modern society, we have a real food waste problem. If this was taken care of, a lot would change. Remember how we used to be in the past, we would minimize any kind of waste.
  • Agroecology is the best solution nowadays. Based on modern research and knowledge from our ancestors, it’s a system that respects the environment, nourishes the soil on a long-term basis, and provides as much food as “conventional” agriculture.


The best way to end this business, that’s destroying farmers, people’s health and the environment, is for us to be informed and responsible in our way to consume. Consumers have a true power over this system, we are led to believe it’s governments or big corporations. On the contrary, they can’t gain wealth or power without us.

There are several books, journalists, activists that brought up to light the way corporations produce our food, the way they treat farm animals too. The only solution is to stop buying all of this, and consume from respectful companies or farmers.

Did you know corn (and GM corn) was everywhere in our products, like in ketchup for example? For starters, reading labels when shopping makes you realize how much synthetics and GMO components are part of the system. Do we really want or need that?


Let’s not forget the study revealed a few months ago, about tumors rats developed after being fed Monsanto GM corn. Scientists from this lab had been secretly studying the effect of GM corn alongwith the Roundup herbicide for two years. Why secretly? Because we don’t have a single long-term research, it simply isn’t allowed or made possible by big corporations, including Monsanto (researches never went beyond a three-month period, tumors developed after four months in this study).

These researchers were criticized for this “underground” research, for wanting to find the truth behind GM food.

Documentaries, articles, books on the subject are various.

For example: The World According to Monsanto, by Marie-Monique Robin, an award-winning journalist who recently released a very good documentary about agroecology called Les Moissons du Futur (French version). You can also watch another one of her documentaries Notre Poison Quotidien (Our Daily Poison in French, English version extract here).

MoissonsFutur400 _defaut

Isn’t it time to change for real now?

For more info, check this website available in English, French and Spanish languages: Combat Monsanto.

And here’s a simple list of companies to avoid, dealing with Monsanto (mostly in North America).

NB: About the documentaries in their original French version, I’m sorry I couldn’t find them English subbed or dubbed. If you do, it would be great if you could share the links in a comment below. Thank you! 🙂


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