“a delicacy of suffering”


Hello there! (^^)/

Holiday season is here, with Christmas trees and decorations, roasted turkeys, yule logs… and foie gras.

This post is about the last product as Peta stroke once again, in Paris this time, to denounce a fact about it, like each end of the year. (Turkey is a subject I’ll come back to in another post.)

A message being sent each year, but nothing really changes…


Then what are the best ways to make people understand a message? Like I said in a previous post, there are always soft and hard ways, although hard ways seem to hit best… But I think we should leave the “scandal” aside, and focus on the real problem here.

Peta tried to reach people through a scene where a woman is being force-fed leaving blood around her mouth and on her plate, all happening on the Place de la Bastille, a very busy square in Paris.


What is the reality behind foie gras today?

It is millions of ducks and gooses, locked up in tiny cages or parks, and being force-fed 2 kilos of grains and fat all day long with a tube through their throat.

What does it mean?
Well it’s the same as a human being ingesting 20 kilos of pasta every day.

So let’s imagine the consequences: their liver swallows up to 10 times its size, their walking becomes unbearable, the breathing too. The metal tube used to inject the food into their stomach hurt or break their neck, causing bleeding or tumor, and many other health problems.

A suffering considered as a delicacy on our table during Christmas eve.

Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t agree: it’s not very “Christmas-y”, it’s the complete opposite. Honestly, I still can’t understand why we keep buying a product made of suffering, or should I say torture?

Moreover, it’s unhealthy for us as the animals are sick, producers have to use all sorts of antibiotics and chemicals to “clean” the meat. Because finally, foie gras is nothing more than a diseased liver.

There are alternatives, as always, I invite you to try them out this year, what do you think?


First, if you truly love real foie gras, try to buy from producers who make them in an artisan way and not big corporations. You help them live by their means, and you know the animals were being fed in a more respectful way, not locked up in cages, and wandering freely (stay informed though, you never know). But keep in mind that the production foie gras is not 100% cruelty-free, they still eat more than they should.

Second, vegan foie gras substitutes like the one Gaia Association produces.
They named it “faux gras” (litterally “fake gras” in French), and achieved quite a success throughout the previous years. The taste is the same, foie gras lovers already adopted it. This is the best solution, we’re all winners here.




Did you know that the British Royal Family forbid foie gras on their table? Gaia had the idea to offer them this substitute for last Christmas, they seemed to appreciate it. This year, Roger Moore‘s supporting their campaign.

Force-feeding has already been forbidden in more than 15 countries, including Great-Britain, Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Czech Republic…
It’s even been forbidden in Switzerland since 1978!


If you wanna know more, check out these websites about force-feeding, let me just warn you about the footage that could be quite disturbing if you’re sensitive to shocking imagery:

Let’s bring back a nicer Christmas spirit. 🙂

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