another “pot” of view

Hello there! (^^)/

Still in a recycling-topic mood, I’d like to point out a small detail in our daily life.

Nowadays, I honestly think we developed a very complicated system, from which we have more and more difficulties coming out of.

But what if we just need to think a bit differently? Let me share this little thought with you.

We have a lot of garbage to deal with, for example in France each habitant throws 320 kg of solid garbage per year, in Japan 400 kg, and in the U.S. 720 kg.

Some countries, some cities have a recycling system, which is wonderful. But still, not everyone recycles and garbage is piling up.

What if, when you shop, you could change everything?

One example: I used to think yogurt plastic pots were recyclable, so I was doing my recycling duties everyday. Until a campaign for correct recycling habits was made, I discovered it wasn’t… (>_<)

I didn’t like the fact there was more garbage due to this miscellaneous and un-recyclable plastic. For what? For me to enjoy yogurt? Seriously?…

I still wanted to eat yogurt after all, well guess what? I’m buying yogurt in glass pots! Price is more or less the same, choice is limited but taste is here. I didn’t lose a thing. Now, I can put them into the recycling garbage can.

Or… I could keep the pots and do something fun with it, like decorating it and putting a small candle inside. A nice touch of decoration, like suggested here or there. 😉

If you’re a professional artist or designer, imagine what you could create out of these pots… and sell them afterwards, instead of buying them from a shop.

Or if you have children, what about an arts and crafts session helping them develope their sense of creativity?

If your favorite brand’s still sells plastic pots, how about creating a petition with the help of an environmental NGO to put some pressure on companies? Pledge not to buy any of their products until they sell them into recyclable plastic or glass pot.

Another idea. What if you prepared your own homemade yogurt?

It’s very easy, anyone could do it. With a small amount of milk (preferably organic), you could have several pots of yogurt and add any flavors or fruits you like. You could prepare your batch once a week for example with a yogurt-maker (that includes recipes). It’s cheaper and healthier than yogurt from the supermarket. Plus, you reuse your pots all the time. Tons of recipes are available on the web, everyone can do it whether with a machine or a crock pot.


All these ideas lead to less garbage, less incineration, less pollution…

Imagine how the simple fact of eating yogurt changes the whole system. Funny…

Now, what else?… 🙂


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