“from truck till bag”

Hello there! (^^)/

Some companies are built on a simple and creative recycling idea, it’s the case of Freitag.

Recycle and Recontextualize” is their motto.

It all started in Switzerland when the Freitag brothers, Daniel and Markus, both graphic designers and biking-lovers, needed a resistant and waterproof bag to ride in any weather condition, and to protect their designs and stuff.

They sewed a bag made from an old truck tarp, seat belts and bicycle inner tube. The first Freitag bag model is born, year of 1993.

Today, the company recruits 130 employers, offers 50 bag models, opened 8 stores and has 400 resellers worldwide.

All without any external investors.

Caring a lot about their cycles concept, the Freitag brothers even “recycled” the land they built their factory on in Zürich. On this previously contaminated vacant lot, they focused on reaching the highest level of environmental standards by:

• re-using rain water collected from NŒRD’s rooftops to wash their tarps
• re-using the relatively clean water of the last washing cycles of one load for the second cycle of the next load
• re-using the temperature of used water to heat up the rain water 
• re-using all kinds of wasted material in «Biopoints» installed in the office tracts
According to expert calculations, saving water and energy will pay for the necessary investments in about, erm, 18 years.” (excerpt from their NŒRD headquarters’ page presentation)


Materials used per year are 390 tons truck tarpaulins, 36 000 bicycle inner tubes and 220 000 car seat belts.

As a result, each bag is unique and has its own individual design.

In 1978, our father showed us how a compost heap works and how much fun it is to think and act in terms of cycles. This gave rise to the idea that in a best-case scenario, something new and useful can be created from rubbish. Since I have never driven a car in my life but have always cycled, I know that you sometimes need strong, waterproof, functional bags to get through life“, explains Markus Freitag.

A great initiative, saving us from piles of un-recyclable garbage in a fun and creative way. 🙂

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