nailed it!

Hello girls! ^^

In this post, I’ll write about natural nail polish. Guys, if you’re thinking about an original gift, or wanna keep your loved ones informed, this is the place too.

Cosmetics nowadays use a great panel of chemicals, both dangerous for your health and the environment.

Nail polish is one of the most dangerous ones. Imagine one of the chemicals used to strengthen the polish (nitrocellulose) can also be found in explosives! (Oh my…)

The famous chemical-trio, the “three free”, you wanna avoid are: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde. Other than having barbaric names, they’re carcinogenic ingredients.

Let’s not forget about parabens, acetates, synthetic preserves, fragrances and more. How about the unbreathable nail polish remover?

Did you know that pregnant women should avoid nail salons?

Moreover, most of them still make awful laboratory tests on animals. I’ll come back to this matter in another post.

There are less toxic nail polishes available, mostly free from any chemical. It’s not at 100%, but the damage is pretty much minimized.

Some organic or water-based nail polishes, however, are completely made from natural components.

You might expect minor disadvantages with some brands like polish starting to chip on the day after a manucure, or if you buy a strong pink color for example, you might expect a brighter result.

To choose which one suits you the best, test them out. Here’s a list of non-toxic nail polish brands.

Natural nail polish brands also have natural/toxic-free removers, made from essential oils, or derived components from non-ogm corn and soy. These removers are free from acetone, petroleum ingredients or any chemical fumes evaporating in the air. You can find biodegradable ones, like Suncoat natural nail polish remover; no harm is done to you or the environment.

Water-based nail polish can be removed when moistening a cotton pad and pressing it on your fingers; or bathing your nails into hot water for several minutes then scratching the lacquer off gently.

According to the brand you choose, and the type of nail polish (100% natural or not), there’s a specific way to remove it.

Now you can fully enjoy your manucure girls! 😉

Wanna dig more into the subject? Follow this link.

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