dome sweet dome

Hello! ^^

If you’re thinking about adopting a sustainable living, one of your priorities would be your home, right?

Now if you’re more interested into building an original dream home at a reasonable cost, let me tell you about the DomeSpace.

The concept is a circular house, made entirely of wood (certified F.S.C without chemical treatment), which can rotate on itself, following the sun (or any other aspect you want, it works with a simple remote control). The generator is underneath the house, centered.



It is known that a spheric form contributes to a better thermal insulation and temperature balance, like igloos. It provides a friendly and cosy environment, and can be easily integrated in a natural setting, like yurts or huts.



You have the choice between a rotation option or a fixed house. Rotation contributes to a better balance of the indoor temperature, therefore reducing energy consumption. The change of scenery gives a twist to the whole idea.

The house, anti seismic and resistant to extreme high winds, fits mostly into a natural environment. Another interesting fact: they use cork, a natural material for thermal and sound insulation.


Furthermore, it could be an interesting place for people working in music composition or for a home studio. The acoustic seems quite special. Some people already opened a restaurant, an office or a hotel in a DomeSpace.


Building the shell takes 3 months, and cost varies according to what you want to do: fixed or rotation, size, multiple floors, etc…




Now I’m lost between the dome home and the hobbit house… 🙂

Providers: DomeSpace and Solaleya


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