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As a semi-vegetarian (I still eat a bit of fish), I try to stay updated about the problem of overfishing in the world and how to overcome it knowing these facts: destruction of the ecosystem, some species disappearing or on the edge of extinction (like some species of tuna), and how it prevents honest and reasonable fishermen from working.

I recently watched a very interesting documentary about this last part called The Damned of the Sea by Jawad Rhalib. To put it simply, Morocco leaves European corporations overfish as much as they want, and forbids local fishermen from working on their little boats to make a living.

Governments take forever to create laws that could change the situation, which is normal as they created these deals at the first place. (“You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” Einstein)

This documentary could help you understand how overfishing is dangerous for us all: Sea the Truth by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation. They also made a successful documentary about meat named Meat the Truth; I’ll write about this matter in another post.

One of the ways (and it’s a big one) to create hope for change is to buy less fish from specific seas, or less of certain species.

Guides for consumers are available and free to download, see which one is the most useful to you depending on the region where you live. As you can imagine, for example, there are species you can consume in Japan but not in Europe. Local species are highly recommended to minimize imported seafood.

Useful links about overfishing and how you can be a part of ending it :

Try to be informed as much as you can, change is always around the corner. 🙂

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