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A friend of mine, who’s an architect involved into sustainable living, once told me about this innovative home: the hobbit house.

We’re not in a Lord of the Rings movie, it exists and it’s sustainable. If you’re both a fan and a “green” person, you got “two birds and a stone” (oops, maybe not the right blog to make this kind of expression). 😉

Simon Dale built this house using simple tools and natural local sources/material from the land. He built it entirely with the assistance of friends and family. For the cost of £3 000 ($4 650), he now has a lovely, heart-warming home, very low on energy.



Due to climate change and our dependance on fossil fuels, we live in a system only efficient on a short time laps. We cannot turn our backs to this near future where we’ll face an ecology crisis. People like Simon Dale bring up realistic solutions, based on our human history while offering a new perspective from our vision in the 21st century.



I think access to land for people is a key to surviving the threat and the challenges of climate change“, says Simon Dale.

The simplest, sustainable solutions involve small-scale permaculture type land management systems centered around individual or small groups of dwellings” (excerpt from article here).



If you wish to build your own hobbit house, plans are available on the website alongside all the information you need (planning permission, permaculture…)

New projects are flourishing, part of the Lammas project, new houses are being built on Wales’ first authorized ecovillage. Photos of their new house.


Ecological crisis is not a future possibility but a current reality.

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