“consume wine, don’t let the wine consume you.”

Hello! ^^

Did you ask yourself once or twice if you really needed what you’re buying, or is it making you happy? Try to be sincere with yourself.

That’s what I asked myself, so I’m always doing this simple test when I shop: I have a good look around first, it can be in a clothing shop or a multimedia shop, even an online shop; then I go back without buying a thing, or I close my browser leaving the products aside.

If I’m thinking about one of these products a few days later, I would go and buy it.

If I forget, what about it?

Try this simple test as much as you can, you can’t begin to imagine how it changes everything in your consumption. Besides, only when you know what is it you want or need, you’ll have your very own personality and character.

What do you think? 🙂


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