the power to consume

Hello there! (^^)/

I wanted to share my point of view about consumerism with you and tell you how you hold the power to change a lot of things in this world.

Today, we have access to practically all the information we want or need. Documentaries are flowing in, each year, about the situation today and small things that could change everything. It always comes back to me, to you, to everyone. We’re all on this planet, we all have responsibilities, like you’re responsible for your future, your children, your studies, your work, etc…

I work in advertising, a paradox you might say. It’s a choice I don’t regret, simply because I try to get a hold, as much as I can, on all the answers I need: how society is managed, how companies see their clients, what they want to communicate to people like you and me, where lie the lies, and more. Of course, no need to work in advertising to search out for answers, they’re available everywhere, on the net, at work, through media or social events…

Anyway, I’m not willing to invest all of my life in it, I want to make my creativity evolve, wherever it might be, or participate in a creation process, it could be into arts, video production, or even in an ecovillage later on.

All the posts in this blog will always get to the same point.

We are the consumers, we can change the world. Nothing else.

Social class, income, whatever, doesn’t change this fact a tiny bit. On the contrary, creativity comes from everywhere, the whealthiest or the poorest. We live in a world where we have no excuse, everything is possible now.

Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.” Earl Gray Stevens


2 thoughts on “the power to consume

  1. The think is that when money becomes a necessity because we made it like that, creativity will only be oriented towards fullfilling the goals of where the money is spent or towards the source of income! Creativity is not lost! It only lost its way…

    • Unfortunately, like you said, money is the first (and maybe the only) necessity nowadays, it caused so many changes…
      What if we could use that to open the path to a new sort of creativity? 🙂

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