palm oil

Hello! How are you today? ^^

Today in France, a new debate is on: a tax on palm oil reaching 300%.

We know how things go on, there are pros, there are cons, as usual.

But let’s think now for a bit, just ourselves, without the media talking.

Palm oil is not a new subject for green activists. It’s been decades that palm oil is the cause of massive deforestation causing the disappearance of primitive tribes and animal species all along with it.

All this hysteria serves two goals: more consistency to our hazelnut-chocolate spread and more profit for some companies. Is it worth it, really?

Palm oil is proven to be bad for your health if you eat it daily (not punctually). Read closer the ingredients in your products, you’ll find out it’s everywhere: bread, hazelnut spread, chocolate bars, biscuits, cosmetics… Even in baby milk powder! You’ll find it mostly in low-cost products.

So really, what’s all the fuss about? Do we want more fat or more consistency in your chocolate spread? We know that previous generations were doing fine without it, what’s the deal today?

Again, it’s only for the economy’s wealth, certainly not yours nor mine.

For once, we have a law that could ensure less use of this oil, but there will always be politicians, businessmen, lobbyists trying to tell you it’s not “really” true.

Now, this law clearly ensures more money for the government, as you can guess.

One of the simplest solutions is not to buy these products, they’re not healthy for you anyway, nor your children, nor the planet, and the money simply won’t go to all these people. Period.

I’m not using the word “sacrifice”, buy whatever you want. Just try to be aware of what you’re buying, because you have the power to stop all this. Or at least, try to consume less.

Alternatives exist, and I found them far more delicious than any of these stuff.

For example, there is an organic dark chocolate spread I found, far more delicious and nutritive than these super-brands selling you only full saturated fat and sugar.

  • 55% of sugar
  • 23% of palm oil
  • 14% of hazelnut
  • 8% of cocoa and other components

I also love this: take a piece of bread and heat it up gently on a pan with some dark chocolate on top, slowly melting… 😀 My taste is not yours of course, but try it out, or try other things around, why not? 🙂


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